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Frances and Reflexology
I have had somFrancese truly magical moments with Frances and I always look forward to our Tuesday sessions. Her smile, sense of fun, words of advice and cheerful way are both enchanting and uplifting. To be in her company is to feel cared for. As she welcomes me with a "Hello Darling, I've been waiting for you", Frances positively radiates a mother's concern and care, checking how I am, if I'm warm enough and shouldn't I be wearing a cardigan?

Hand Reflexology
As I place a pillow and blanket under her arms in preparation for Hand Reflexology she admHandsires my colourful blanket, "That's lovely, where did you get it?". She is also interested in my dress, shoes and age and makes favourable comments (or otherwise!) on the colours, style and how I look.

Then, as she responds to the rhythmic, flowing movements as I gently work on her hands she dreamily murmurs, "Thank you darling", relaxes, closes her eyes and drifts into a calm sleep.

Foot Reflexology
I sit at France's feet and with a pillow on my lap, gently lift her legs to position her feet ready for the next part of her session. She is very aware of the reason I am with her and enquires as to how many people I will be seeing, what they are having done and "Do they talk to you?". I use a plain cream to work on the pressure points on her feet and incorporate soothing, stroking movements on her lower legs. She tells me they "Feel lovely" and are "Better for it". She chats to me on the subject of relationships and marriage and gives me sage advice. "Only do what you want to do" and "If it makes you happy..". I assure her that if I do get married she will get an invite and can wear a beautiful hat and dress.

Today,Frances Frances is wearing her fascinator and seems very happy about the prospect of a celebration, offering to be my bridesmaid. To speed up events she informs me "It's about time you got on with it!". Then, as Reflexology works its calming influence she succumbs and tells me she can't talk to me now as she is going to sleep.

Reflexology and Alzheimer's
By sharing some of my magical moments with Frances I hope you will feel inspired about the positive difference a caring, therapeutic therapy like Reflexology can make. The special bond that is created by this non-invasive treatment and how a caring touch can be instinctively understood and welcomed. I consider this touch is like a universal language that can comfort and calm during a time when "conventional" language and understanding is not so easily reached.

I would like to thank Frances's four daughters for giving me the opportunity to work with their Mum and for allowing me to share my wonderful experience. Helen

Mum's Reflexology
"Mum has had Alzheimer's for many years. Her short term memory is gradually getting worse and she needs help with all her personal care. I'm glad to say though that she still has a sense of fun and cares very much about others.

Mum and Dad both moved into a residential home two and half years ago. Sadly Dad passed away nine months later and that is when we felt Mum would benefit from Reflexology. We scanned the Internet and found Helen, she sounded both professional and caring.

Helen has been seeing Mum now for eighteen months. She always makes sure Mum is happy and settled before she proceeds. Helen fits in with FrancesMum not the other way around. Mum enjoys the whole experience of Reflexology, not only the relaxation aspect but also the social contact. We feel that she has benefited greatly from the treatments. Helen takes the time to give us feedback each week and is always willing to put Mum first in every situation. She has become a friend to Mum and they obviously enjoy each other's company.

We all feel Mum has gained so much from having Helen visit each week. It is so lovely to hear Helen speaking about our Mum in the way we all would. We would like to thank Helen very much for helping her and making a difference."

Angela, Barbara, Caroline and Debbie.

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