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Our "Bump to Birth" Stories
Pregnancy Reflexology link Pregnancy Reflexology link Pregnancy Reflexology link Pregnancy Reflexology link Hannah Christel and daughters Emma

Michayla: After being induced with my first two children at 10 days overdue, Michayla I decided to try Reflexology during pregnancy with my third child, as I didn't want to be induced again. Both births had been plain sailing and without problems but I wanted a home birth this time round. I had my first Reflexology session at 26 weeks and monthly after that. I was due 8th Sept, so with the prospect of being heavily pregnant in summer with extra tired feet and having two children to deal with, I was glad of the sessions. After the first session I walked on air for a while. My feet felt so relaxed and I found that it relaxed me mentally too.

During the sessions that followed over the course of the pregnancy I found that my baby would wriggle when certain points were touched. The calmness I felt both during and after each session was great and I slept better that night too. I looked forward to some "me" time which was equally as important as anything else.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I had weekly sessions and at the session closest to my due date Helen taught me some things to do at home so my husband could help out too. I knew my body was capable of natural labour, I just needed something to help it along.

Michayla and BabyMy baby was born on 12th September, at home in my lounge as planned. The whole birth was calm and relaxed and I felt 100% in control. I really do believe that Reflexology had a huge part to play in the natural birth of my son and also helped make pregnancy more bearable on the tired, fed up days.

It helped enable me to have the birth I always wanted - thank you" Michayla x


Charlotte: I have always used Helen for Reflexology because I live a very hectic life and have a stressful career. Helen's treatments have helped me to stay calm and healthy.  After finding out I was pregnant I wanted to use Helen for my whole journey through pregnancy - this turned out to be the best thing I could ever have done for myself and my baby. At the beginning of my pregnancy I saw Helen once a month. In the last few months I increased my visits to every 2 weeks, then to once a week in the 8th month. Having the treatments meant I always took time out for myself to relax - I also noticed my back pain reduced and it was a pleasure to be able to catch up on sleep in a relaxed environment. 


My baby was due on the 8th June, my waters broke at 4.30pm on the 5th June and Neave was born at 3.30am on the 6th June.  Helen had given me advice on reflex points to help with pain during labour and this helped me feel very calm and in control. I found this very useful as I got to the point where my baby's head was out before I was given any gas or air! (not quite sure what I would have done without this information).

This was my first baby and I do feel I benefited from my treatments; I didn't go overdue and I delivered a very relaxed happy little girl.


Helen came to my house the day I arrived back from hospital and gave me a treatment and I continued to have regular postnatal Reflexology.  I returned to my pre-baby weight quickly; my uterus contracted back well and I had the energy to move about and do things. I was determined to breast feed despite suffering from painful mastitis and Helen would always rush over to give me a treatment and I did succeed in continuing. She also showed me how to work on reflex points on Neave's feet and this was useful when she was constipated.

Reflexology with Helen constantly amazes me; if I feel run down or have an illness or pain there is always a tender piece on my foot in the area where there is the problem.  When Helen works on it I consistently experience some benefit.

I would recommend to anyone having a baby to use Helen because the benefits are amazing.The added bonus is Helen is such an easy person to talk to and I would sometimes find myself asking her questions about pregnancy/birth/breast feeding etc that I never felt comfortable to ask other people. 

Clementine:Clementine I had heard about Helen from friends during my pregnancy but I decided to book to go and see her when I was told that my baby was breech at around 34 weeks. My first birth had been straight forward and I was determined to avoid a caesarean this time around too. My midwife had said that it was unlikely that the baby would turn because of his position, but I thought it was worth a shot!

My first session with Helen was lovely, very relaxing and such a treat when heavily pregnant and used to running around after a very active two year old! Two days after my treatment, I saw the midwife again, and to her surprise, he had turned head down!

I have found that my lower back has been painful during this pregnancy, which was another reason for going to see Helen. She has worked on points to help with this, as well as showing me how to do this myself. I think it's helped me to carry on being as active as possible!

I'm now 40 weeks pregnant and have continued to see Helen weekly, hoping that I don't go overdue again. She has shown me how to work on certain points myself to help with labour which has been really reassuring.  During the treatments, the baby is always very wriggly and active. It's just a matter of waiting to see when he arrives now!

When I went into labour, I was able to use a lot of the techniques Helen taught me during the early stages. I found it really comforting to feel like I had something to focus on as this bit lasted a while!  Although he was overdue in the end, once things got going, it all happened very quickly, Joe was born naturally, with no extra pain relief in an hour and a half! Once we've got used to having a newborn again, I'll definitely be back to see Helen for a bit of 'me-time' to counteract the limited sleep I'm getting! 

Helen Comments: During Clementine's 1st session I noticed an unusual, small round swelling on her right foot immediately above the "uterus reflex point" (an area that Reflexologists consider reflects the uterus). As I applied pressure to this area it was interesting to see how much her baby moved. A week later at Clementine's 2nd session and following her baby's turn, it was obvious that the swelling had significantly reduced.

Mari: MariAt the tender age of 46 I decided to try and conceive naturally and asked my sister Helen Fowler if she would help. She gave me treatments and along the way I became pregnant!
Now, before you think, 'well she would write a nice review, it's her sister', I can honestly say that Reflexology and Helen's general presence at my home birth truly enhanced the experience.
It was quite an event and had all the elements of a comedy!... My ninety-year old mother had just popped in to give my husband an English lesson and I was wondering at what point I should tell her "Mum I'm in labour!". I finally braved the news and even more bravely, invited her to stay...she looked happy and relieved and slightly worried, so we chatted in between my kneeling on a beanbag for a back rub. Fortunately, there was also the wonderful calming presence of Helen!

I had looked into Hypnobirthing and thought it was interesting. It wasn't totally for me, but there were some fantastic gems of information that proved to be extremely useful, invaluable really. I met with Gina from Zen Birth who I also recommend, a real sweetie.

I called my midwife (Laura La Roche, an independent midwife), described my symptoms and she realised Mari's babythat my baby was well on its way. Laura was marvelous and took me through the whole process in such an amazing fashion (I totally recommend her too). She suggested taking a nice warm bath to hopefully slow things down a little, just until she arrived. At this point, I decided to tell my mother I was having a home birth (she was wondering why we hadn't left for the hospital!) , needless to say, that although she had a look of terror in her eyes,  she took it on the chin,  like a good granny would!

Helen calmly guided me up the stairs, no fuss or hassle, just love and kindness and helped me into a warm bath. What I remember most clearly in the middle of the gentle haze I was in was Helen holding my head so I Mari after giving birthcould just relax my body and softly telling me that I was doing really well. Most of the time it was quiet and I was able to just drift off into a complete world of harmony with what was happening.When the pool was ready which was only literally moments before my daughter decided she wanted to come out (I recommend inflating the pool beforehand and having a practice session and check the length of the hose and all the tap fittings!!) I climbed into the warm water with Helen beside me.

All went as planned until after the birth when there seemed to be a longer than expected delay- my placenta was not coming out! I'd been in the water and breastfeeding my daughter for quite some time and all was calm but no signs. Helen reacted and gently and quietly in the candle lit darkness suggested trying the pressure point on my feet for the uterus.

What happened next was just incredible she reached into the water started working on my feet and within seconds I felt movement, a surge and release and the placenta just came out almost immediately after she started working on my feet. We were all amazed and she later commented that she had felt a strong "pulsing" sensation under her fingertips.

Mari and babyThe harmony and calm created by Helen was just truly amazing and something I will never forget. She made my birth experience truly wonderful from the feet up. Literally!
Thank you Helen from the bottom of my heart, Mari

Erica:Erica When I fell pregnant, I was determined to try and have a calm and positive attitude to my pregnancy. As one of the last of my friends to fall pregnant, I have seen others have some negative reactions to the changes in their bodies and I really wanted to try and avoid that happening to me. I joined a Pregnancy Yoga class and was recommended Reflexology by a friend in the class who had been visiting Helen for some time and had already experienced the benefits of Reflexology.

I began seeing Helen four months into my pregnancy on a monthly basis. I had been having some digestive and back pain issues, and so Helen focused on these areas. I could tell when she worked the relevant sections of my feet as they were very tender, however, I found the sessions really relaxing and have been known to fall asleep!

As I got closer to my due date the sessions became more regular, visiting Helen every two weeks and then weekly. In the final few sessions, Helen worked on the womb points of my feet, and I could really feel the tenderness in those areas, however, it continued to be a relaxing session. Helen also showed me where I should ask my husband to massage my feet, and the similar area on my hand, to help with labour.

The sessions were a great opportunity for some time out from day to day life, and I really looked forward to that hour coming around. I felt that the way Helen worked on my feet, made a difference to the areas of my body that were struggling with the pregnancy. I also think the movements of the baby during the sessions, meant that it liked it too!

As a practitioner, Helen has a very calming manner and is clearly motivated by using her skills to benefit her clients as much as she can. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, and am looking forward to a continued relationship now that I have discovered Reflexology.

My baby was born 4 days after her due date. My contractions started naturally at 10pm Tuesday evening, we made our way to hospital at 12:30 the following day and she was born at 5:31pm that afternoon.

The following week I had a session with Helen which was very relaxing and a welcome treat after a life changing few days!


Hannah:I started seeing Helen during my first pregnancy 2.5 years ago, as I'd heard that Reflexology could be useful during pregnancy and knew that Helen was a specialist in this field. Helen was always very approachable and calm and I found the sessions to be really relaxing - they provided me with essential 'me time' during my pregnancy. Helen also gave me useful Reflexology tips to use myself at home during late pregnancy and labour.

Reflexology formed a vital part of my antenatal support network and birth preparation, along with Pregnancy Yoga and support from Deal Breastfeeding Support Group. I had a complication-free pregnancy and my son arrived 8 days early. I also had a postnatal session with Helen at home, to help my post-birth recovery.

When I became pregnant for a second time I knew that I definitely wanted to have regular sessions with Helen again. Although my first pregnancy had gone smoothly, the birth had been a Caesarean and this time around I was determined to have a home birth (HBAC).

Just like my first pregnancy I enjoyed monthly sessions with Helen, with more frequent sessions during the last few weeks. The sessions were extremely relaxing - with a summer pregnancy and a toddler to run around after I was very tired and had aching feet and ankles, so Reflexology was perfect for both! It was lovely to feel my baby moving around during the sessions too. In the later stages of my pregnancy the sessions were aimed more at stimulating my system and I felt these effects after the session. My second baby arrived 9 days early and was born at home, the HBAC birth I had hoped for.

Sarah:Reflexology was first recommended by a friend who had benefited from Helen's treatments.  I didn’t know much about it, but understood that by applying pressure to certain points on the foot it could stimulate certain areas of the body and I have always enjoyed a foot massage! As my husband and I had decided to try for a baby it seemed that Fertility Reflexology would be a great complementary treatment and I was pregnant after 6 sessions!  I felt these 6 sessions helped “wake my body up” and our sessions were timed around my cycle.  As well as applying firm pressure to certain parts of the foot (Reflexology points for ovaries, uterus and pituitary gland), it was also a thoroughly relaxing and calming experience.  

I continued to have Reflexology throughout my pregnancy and I found it helped me unwind, switch off from work and I would look forward to my hourly session every month.  I genuinely believe that it contributed to my good health and a sense of well-being throughout pregnancy. I also slept better after a session which, as my bump got bigger and bigger, was a great benefit!

At the end of my pregnancy, the treatment included strong pressure and became more intense as my body needed to prepare for labour.

Helen was always very flexible about appointment times and it has been a pleasure to meet her.  I am so grateful for everything she has done and I have a new found respect for feet!

Nicola: We started trying to conceive in January 2016, I used ovulation tests right away and realised I had a very short luteal phase as they were showing I was ovulating a few days before my period started. A luteal phase defect is linked to low progesterone so to speed things up I had my progesterone checked privately. This came back at level 13 which the doctor informed me would not be high enough to conceive - it needed to be above 40.

Doctors won't look into things properly until you've been trying for a year so I carried out my own research.

I contacted Helen in March and she worked on the pituitary gland reflex points during my first couple of sessions. I also started taking the herb Agnus Castus and Vitamin B6 which can help balance out your period/hormones and also help the pituitary gland release progesterone naturally. I had my progesterone checked again (just before I fell pregnant) and it had gone up to 84. I fell pregnant in the April.

We were as stunned as Helen was! I can't thank Helen enough for all her efforts as I know they played a big part, if you're thinking about going ahead with Reflexology for fertility purposes DO IT!

Christel: We’d been trying almost three years and was about to embark on a second round of IVF in 2014 when a friend mentioned Reflexology for my overall well-being and to help support the fertility treatment. Helen was my regular dose of quiet, calm, knowledge and positivity. After hearing my story, Helen recommended we go for a ‘strong’ treatment twice a month. The treatment was based around my menstrual cycle and ovulation times and I remember after the first treatment some tenderness around my tummy. I thought to myself… there’s definitely something in this. Helen would work on the Reflexology areas relating to ovaries, uterus and pituitary gland. Before treatment, we’d discuss how I’d been feeling and which point I was during my cycle so she would be able to tailor the treatment.

I found it very interesting and positive when certain points would feel intense as I felt this was giving Helen some information as to what needed working on, my body was responding. IVF was very stressful so Reflexology definitely helped keep me balanced and refreshed afterwards. In 2015 found out I was pregnant with twins! So we did some relaxing treatments during pregnancy but didn’t end up needing any specific treatment for the birth as my babies came early.

Amazingly at 34 weeks my babies were both head down (one had turned as had previously been feet first) as I went into labour and I managed to have a natural birth after 8 hours of labour (which was comprised of very intense back pain on contractions but nothing much else was painful). 

I had been intent on booking a caesarean section (just didn’t believe I could have them vaginally) so didn’t even do any ante-natal classes. I am sure Reflexology played a part in having a relatively straightforward and quick twin birth. 

In 2016 I found out that my prolactin hormone was very high and was thought to be the cause of my absent periods (for 1 year). I was put on some medication. I saw Helen after approx.  2 months of taking the medication as I really wanted to get back to normal. The following month, my periods came back. During March 2017, I asked Helen for advice as I noticed that during my last period I had some very bad mood swings, which is the last thing I needed when dealing with twin tantrums. We have started treatment again and at the moment I am not on any medication. I feel confident that Helen will work her magic once more.

I am so grateful to have found Helen and would recommend her whole heartedly to everyone. 

Emma: I have used Helen for Reflexology for years and have found it an enormous benefit to help with managing a stressful career and any health niggles.  I was aware that pregnancy was Helen’s particular speciality, so when deciding at almost 40 I wanted to try for a baby I contacted Helen again.

In the past 20 years I had two LLETZ procedures for precancerous cervical cells, I was informed by the doctor that I may have difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term and I was referred for a number of blood tests and scans. I decided not to wait for the outcome of these tests.  Instead I contacted Helen and we were both amazed when I was pregnant by my second Reflexology treatment (I cancelled the appointments for various scans!).

I continued treatments with Helen throughout my pregnancy, prior to being pregnant and at the beginning of my pregnancy I saw Helen once a month. In the last two months I increased my treatments to every 2 weeks, then to once a week in the 8th month.  I looked forward to the treatments, they meant making time for me to fully relax and helped greatly with the usual various pregnancy niggles.  I always felt rested and lifted afterwards.

I had several treatments after my son was born, which I found so helpful in recovering from the birth.  My son was struggling with colic and Helen showed me how to work the reflex points on his feet, which really did seem to help and I still use these techniques now. I can’t recommend or thank Helen enough.

Reflexology helped me to manage to stay relaxed and peaceful and I was touched by how much she held me in mind and made sure there was space in her diary for me. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough – Thank you so much x  


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