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"After each session I feel as though I'm walking on air, relaxed yet invigorated and with a wonderful sense of well-being. All this through my feet, amazing! " Sophie M.
"It was wonderful, I felt so healthy afterwards and people in the office said the pain lifted from my face! So - thank you very much." Sam O. (Kent Council)
"A treatment is totally relaxing and soothes away any tensions. You might be sceptical, but just try it - you won't regret it! I'm addicted." Beth H.
"Reflexology helped me to have the birth I longed for. Thank you" Michayla x
"Helen is a very calming influence, and makes you feel relaxed from the moment you are in her company. It really feels like she is taking the stress out of my body when she massages my feet. I find her application is perfect for me, not too delicate in touch or too heavy. At the end of the session I feel revived.
My feet feel like they could float away, which is a lovely feeling.
I would highly recommend Helen's Reflexology to anyone." Julie C.

"Lovely! Very relaxing and such a treat when heavily pregnant" Clementine
"It makes me feel fizzy!" Heather (aged 4)
"6 months pregnant & still in shock!" Rebecca's Story
"I've been truly blessed..." Fertility Success Story
"Helen has provided Reflexology treatments at the University of Greenwich since 2005. It is so convenient to have a relaxing and revitalising session in my lunch hour. A worthwhile consideration for any employer and employees.
If you get the opportunity sign up!" Marion Kemp, Senior Lecturer

"Relaxation and revitalisation. My stress reducer!" Sue D.
"An oasis of calm - I wouldn't be without my Reflexology." Ella C.
"One of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had." Charlotte B.
"Stress free bliss!" Catherine C.
"Most relaxing part of my day - leaving me relaxed yet revived." Mr D Wells
"A wonderful relaxing experience. I enjoy it immensely." Rachel A.
"..enables total relaxation and calm for the duration of the treatment
and thereafter." Glenis A.

"Well-being - plus it feels good!" Natalie J.
"The best thing for my body, soul and spirit. I love it!" Maria S.
"...time out from a busy world and a chance to be still." Noeleen B.
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