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Helen has worked with many clients who have chosen Reflexology as a natural approach to pre-conception. Here are some of their stories...

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" 6 months pregnant and still in shock!" Rebecca's Story

Treatment Programme
This style of Reflexology is suitable for couples seeking a natural approach to preconception and not currently utilising IVF*

Ideally, your sessions will begin on a weekly or fortnightly basis then become monthly. Your treatment programme is linked to your cycle and uses Reflexology techniques especially designed for preconception care.

Partner Offer
It can be helpful if your partner also receives Reflexology as it may help relieve stress and tension. A fee reduction or a shorter session is available for partners.

Self-treatment techniques
Helen will show you how to work on your own reflex points (hands & feet) to support your treatment programme.

Sessions linked to your cycle
Please note that you will need to be aware of the dates of your ovulation. Find out... more

Reflexology is not known to have any detrimental effect during fertility treatment. Clients often report that the traditional style of Reflexology is relaxing and supportive during this time. Read Christel's story.

Helen has postgraduate training specialising in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology. Read her clients' unique and inspirational "Bump to Birth" stories.

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