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"I've been truly blessed...!"

At the age of 44, Helen's client became pregnant naturally after trying to conceive for 5yrs. Her last IVF was unsuccessful due to insufficient egg production. Fertility Reflexology is suitable for couples seeking a natural approach to preconception.

Client's Story....
I have known Helen, this gentle soul, since 2004. Unfortunately I suffered 3 miscarriages very early into my pregnancies without any explanation from Doctors apart from the classic "it could be your age".

I had been receiving treatments from Helen sporadically for about 3 years when I decided I wasn't going to try any more. I hadn't seen Helen for about 2 years when my cousin asked for her number to receive treatment for lower back pain.

I decided I would also seek her soothing hands for a few treatments which I received fortnightly over a period of 2 months.

I can proudly say I have been truly blessed and am now 4 months pregnant!!!

Helen's client had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter.

Fertility Reflexology is a treatment programme linked to the menstrual cycle and incorporates Reflexology techniques especially designed for preconception care.

Helen Fowler has postgraduate training specialising in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology.

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