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Christel and daughters

Helen has enjoyed many memorable moments with her pregnant clients.

Happy occasions when they have excitedly announced..... "I'm pregnant".

The wonderful wriggles and turns of their babies during sessions and the welcome news of a birth close to a due date.

Her clients' experiences are unique and inspirational. Read their "Bump to Birth" stories

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Can I have Reflexology all through my Pregnancy?
Treatments are a safe, natural and gentle way of relieving stress and anxiety throughout your pregnancy. Read Helen's clients' "Bump to Birth" stories.

Some midwives now study Reflexology to help enhance the care of their clients during pregnancy and childbirth. Independent Midwife Laura La Roche supports the use of Reflexology during pregnancy and childbirth:

"After seeing the many benefits of Reflexology for pregnant and birthing women,
I recommend it to all of my clients. Helen is a fantastic Reflexologist who uses
her ability to treat individual needs, bringing comfort and peace during pregnancy and birth."

Treatment Plan
Ideally, your sessions will start on a monthly basis, becoming fortnightly at around 34 weeks then weekly at 36 weeks. In the final 2 weeks of your pregnancy a more stimulating style of Reflexology is used.

Self-treatment Techniques
Helen will show you how to work on your own reflex points (hands & feet) to support your treatment programme. This will enable further stimulation of key reflex points between visits and during labour. Your partner can also be involved and will be shown how to work on your pressure points.

40 Weeks and Waiting!
If you've not been able to have regular treatments during pregnancy you may now be considering Reflexology. Your treatment will include work on key reflex points on your hands and feet.

Helen has postgraduate training specialising in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology.

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