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Helen Fowler M.A.R

helen fowler Reflexologist for Deal (Kent) and London SE18

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Helen and baby

Helen is a registered Reflexologist and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. She is passionate about Reflexology, describing it as "a wonderful way of life" that has enabled her to "meet and treat some very special people."

Professional Training
Helen is an experienced and professionally qualified practitioner. She trained in 2000 at the Central London College of Reflexology and has taken postgraduate study in order to specialise in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology.

Reflexology Techniques
Helen offers traditional Reflexology treatments in addition to Hand Reflexology, Ear Reflexology and Vertical Reflex Therapy. These are used to enhance your session and are tailored to suit your individual needs. Helen can show you how to work on your own reflex points to further support your treatment programme between visits.

Helen has treated clients aged from 7 days old to 97 years! She has a special interest in clients with Learning Disabilities and Dementia. She has studied British Sign Language and Phytotherapy. Helen has treated international athletes and their trainers at the Para-cycling Championship.

Clients with Learning Disabilities/Dementia
A gentle, caring touch and the non-invasive nature of Reflexology makes it a very suitable therapy for people with learning disabilities or living with dementia. It can make a positive contribution to their well-being. In Helen’s experience, "this caring therapeutic touch is instinctively understood and welcomed." Read her article Clients with Dementia.

Reflexology has enabled Helen to develop a special bond with some very special people. One such person was Frances, who she regularly treated in her residential home. In Frances and Reflexology, Helen shares some of the  “magical moments” from their sessions together...more

Helen treats clients in the seaside town of Deal (Kent). She offers a mobile service to clients in their own home or residential home (Deal area).

Helen can be contacted on: 0795 011 7810 or email:

Helen in the Media
Helen's Reflexology articles have been published by Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine and Natural Bloom. She has been interviewed on local radio and featured in her local press and the international Reflexology Forum.

Helen's discovery of a reflex point to stop sneezes has become a web hit!

Pregnancy Reflexology
Helen has enjoyed many memorable moments with her pregnant clients. Happy occasions when they excitedly announce "I'm pregnant", wonderful wriggles and turns of their babies during sessions and the welcome news of a birth close to a due date. Her clients' experiences are unique and inspirational. Read their "Bump to Birth" Stories.

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