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"6 months pregnant and still in shock!"

In May 2008, having tried unsuccessfully for a baby for 2 years, I decided to look at complementary therapies whilst at the same time seek help from my GP. I was referred to a fertility consultant, who at first tried me on Clomaphine for 3 months.

I'd heard that Reflexology could help and saw that Helen held Reflexology just down the road from me, so I contacted her and made an appointment. Helen suggested a course of Fertility Reflexology. This worked around my menstrual cycle and consisted of some relaxing sessions and some painful ones!

In the meantime I had several tests done. Firstly a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This found that one of my fallopian tubes was fine, the other was partially blocked. A few months later I had a Laparoscopy. This was when I was told that in fact both of my tubes were blocked!?! Quite a shock! So, we were told that IVF was our only option. For this, we were referred to the Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury and were scheduled in for our first IVF in Sept '09.

By this time I was having monthly treatments with Helen...the nice relaxing ones and had been for several months. In Nov '09 we found out that my IVF had failed. Our consultant suggested that we had a second opinion, considering our HSG and Laparoscopy had conflicting results. He told us of a specialist in Harley Street who was top of the field, and we decided that we would leave it a few months (to save up!) before going to see him. We were, however, booked in to start our 2nd IVF session on the NHS in April 2010, keeping our options open.

This gave us a few months to have a break from thinking about fertility and a chance to have a "normal" life!!! (one without numerous hospital appointments, taking fertility drugs and having hormonal outbursts!!). I continued to have monthly Reflexology treatments with Helen...still the nice relaxing ones!!

27th birthday, I went for a few drinks with some friends. 3 days later, after having felt quite sick since the morning after my birthday, I decided to take a pregnancy test (I didn't have that much to drink for it to be a 3 day long hangover!!).

The test was positive! - and so were the next 5! Here I am, now almost 6 months pregnant and still in shock - I think! It truly is a gift and we will never be sure if it was down to wrong diagnosis or having a system full of fertility drugs. I like to think Helen had something to do with it though!
Rebecca is now the mother of a happy little girl.

Fertility Reflexology is a treatment programme linked to the menstrual cycle and incorporates Reflexology techniques especially designed for preconception care.

IVF - Reflexology is not known to have any detrimental effect during fertility treatments. Clients report that the traditional style of Reflexology is relaxing and supportive during this time.

Helen Fowler has postgraduate training specialising in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology.

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