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" totally relaxing and soothes away tensions" Beth H

What will happen in my treatment?
Your treatment provides a relaxing oasis of calm - a chance to escape from life's stresses. Your first session will include a consultation and details about your health history will be noted. You will only need to remove your shoes and socks.

As you relax in a reclining chair, cream is applied to your feet using soothing stroking actions. You will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and tranquility as rhythmic gentle pressure is applied to each foot.

What will I feel during my treatment?
Calm & Relaxed
Light-headed/floating sensation

How will I feel after my treatment?
Sense of well-being
Relaxed & Revitalised
"Like I'm walking on air"

Drinking Extra Water
To assist the healing process and hydration, please drink more water in the 24 hours after your treatment - at least 2 extra glasses. Occasionally the body has a temporary reaction as it naturally rids itself of toxins - this will not last long and drinking water can minimise this occurring.

Hand Reflexology
As part of your treatment programme, you may be shown how to work on reflex/pressure points on your hands. Practising self-treatment techniques enables further stimulation of key points between visits.

60mins £36

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